One Owner 1959 Heintzman Baby Grand Piano.

This Heintzman baby grand piano was ordered new directly from the factory. One of the last pianos made that had the optional real ivory keytops.

It was a white with gold trim French Provincial when we got it. Demand for this style is very low, so we refinished it on brownish red mahogany (although the veneer appears to be cherry.

This piano has seen very limited use and is almost as it came from the factory.

Pricing is comparable to a 48″ Japanese upright, or less than a 4’11” entry level Chinese made grand piano.

You would have to look at new pianos in the $30,000 + range to come close to this quality, and they would not have ivory keys are real wood veneered case.

Touch, tone, beauty and quality. Needless to sat, it is built for the “Toronto” climate and is made from indigenous woods found locally.