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Steinway A

Steinway A Photos

Vintage Steinway M Art Case Grand Piano

The Steinway M is one of the most popular living room Steinways. In the vintage era of the 1920’s, considered by many to be the pinnacle for many brands, this vintage Steinway M art case grand piano was crafted. The art work was applied over the finish. This piano belonged to a piano teacher who …

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One Owner 1959 Heintzman Baby Grand Piano.

This Heintzman baby grand piano was ordered new directly from the factory. One of the last pianos made that had the optional real ivory keytops. It was a white with gold trim French Provincial when we got it. Demand for this style is very low, so we refinished it on brownish red mahogany (although the …

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Vintage Steinway A 6’2″

The Steinway A is the most copied piano in existence. In 1878, the first model A, known as the A I was introduced. It was the first modern Steinway, and led to a disruption in the whole industry. The hard maple bent rim added more power and “grunt” to the piano, was more stable and …

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Vintage Bosendorfer Grand Piano

For those who prefer the sweeter singing Viennese sound and light, easy touch, here is a beautiful vintage Bosendorfer. Fairly priced. Bring home a classic

J. Staub Award Winning French Upright

  With the highest quality European workmanship, beautiful veneer work, perfect original ivories, the finest Schwander action, this award winning French upright piano sounds and plays as good as it looks. It is missing the brass candle holders, but still has the brass flanges that they attach to, as well as brass handles on the …

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Concert Pianos for Musicians

  Here are two Victorian era 7′ and greater high-performance concert pianos, for musicians’ home, studio or recording.   The 7’6″ Hardman, was made in New York in 1885. It features extravagant Brazilian Rosewood, new soundboard, bridges, pinblock and more. A custom made set of A. Isaac Hammers have been installed. Priced less than a …

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The Legendary German Made Ibach 6’1″ Grand Piano

German made Ibach pianos was the oldest continually family run piano builder in the world until 2007. They made some of the greatest pianos of all time. Always small production and uncompromising quality, right to the end. They never sold out by selling their name for cheaper Asian pianos, using parts and materials from around …

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Can an Upright be Better Than a Grand?

Over the last decade or so, the piano business has changed greatly. Houses are bigger, and Chinese grand pianos are now credit card items. As such, quality uprights have had very little demand. This is a shame, and I will tell you why. The popular shiny black small grand pianos do indeed look beautiful, and …

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Pianos for Professionals on a Budget

We have a selection of very affordable pianos for professional or discerning players on a tight budget. These range in size from 6’2″, 6″5″ and 7’4″ and are priced like small Chinese made pianos. All are suitable for advanced players, recording studios, composers or enthusiasts.

What’s Old is New. Sohmer 5’4″ Cupid Baby Grand

If you are looking at spending $150,000.00 for a new piano, such as the Steingraeber Phoenix, or Stuart and Sons, they both have ‘new’ patented technology. Namely, bridge agraffes. Strings are terminated on the bridge in order to couple the string energy to the soundboard, which acts as a ‘trasducer’ in order to hear the …

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Tale of Two Steinways

Last week, we obtained two Steinway upright pianos, both mid 1880’s. One, a 54″ upright is almost 100% original. Although needing restoration, it plays and sounds good and is remarkable for its age. The original ivory is almost intact. A full and proper restoration will be a pleasure.   The other, a 48″ Ebonized model …

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Remanufacturing of Vintage Victorian Upright

Remanufacturing of Vintage Victorian Upright by Haines Bros.   This rosewood beauty is a long held family piano. It has a nice low friction action, that like a grand piano, slides out with the keys for easy servicing. We are crafting a new soundboard with a few modifications over the original design in order to …

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Rare 6’2″ Rosewood Heintzman Grand

I believe this rare rosewood Heintzman grand piano was a special order. I have never seen or heard of another Heintzman like this. Many Heintzman grands mirrored their Steinway equivalents, with Heintzman modifications. Steinway made 3 models of the model A. An 85 note 6′ piano with 3 bridges, the A II 88 note 6’2″ …

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Victorian Sohmer 6’6″ Grand Powerhouse

This 1895 Victorian Sohmer grand powerhouse piano just came in. I had never before seen or heard of a 6’6″ Sohmer, yet last week I saw two for sale. This one, and one from the later 1920’s. Sohmer had a symbiotic relationship with Steinway. Sohmer uprights were often sold at Steinway dealers due to their …

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Pianos for Musicians

  Pianos for a musician is often a problem. In the piano business, it is well known that those who can play, can’t pay. Yet, they require better instruments than most. Many of the beautiful vintage pianos are now at an age where they need a full re manufacturing. This is very costly to do right. …

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Vintage Steinway Upright, 1891 Near Completion

Just think: For about the same price as a new Korean made upright, this Steinway has been restored (not rebuilt) to allow yet another generation enjoy its charms. Scroll further down this blog to see this piano before we started the work. As can be seen in the fourth photo below, Steinway made a perimeter around …

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Original Vintage Steinway O

We just received one of the very first original vintage Steinway O grand piano. The 1st model O was made on July 30, 1900 and this model was made in October 1900. This is slightly different than the later 2 models of O. This one has the duplex scale cast into the plate instead of …

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Knabe Art-Deco Tiger Mahogany Mid-Century Beauty

Here is an example of one of the best post-war console pianos. This Knabe has been restrung, new dampers and the keyboard and bushing rebuilt. Having 6 backposts, this is a strong structure. However, the cabinet veneer and design set this apart. It has a grand lyre system modeled after the Knabe grand lyre. The …

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Tuning the Aliquot Duplex Scale

In a very few new pianos in the high end (such as Fazioli) and in some vintage pianos, tunable aliquots were installed in the duplex scale. The tuning of these is tedious. Here are some photos of aliquot tuning on our Mason and Hamlin model B.

Safely Buying a Piano on the Internet

Cracked pinblock

How to Safely Buy a Piano on the Internet If you only read the next sentence, you will eliminate fraud and deceptive practices 100% Always under every circumstance, hire a non-affiliated (to the seller) piano technician to inspect the piano before ANY purchase. Here are some red flags: Price is too good to be true. …

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Mason and Hamlin A

This is the most popular Mason and Hamlin model. This one is from 1918, and has received a new custom crafted soundboard, pinblock, bridges and action. It has just returned from the finisher and is being prepared for final regulation and tone building. The soundboard was crafted at our shop from red Norwegian spruce, obtained …

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Vintage Historic Steinway Upright Restoration

A customer has sent this very interesting 1891 Steinway for restoration work. It is almost 100% original, as no parts have been replaced or modifications made. 1891 was a transition time for Steinway uprights, with the Victorian models updated, and the more modern uprights just beginning. Since 1890, they stopped using Rosewood veneer as the …

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Teardown of Mason and Hamlin B

After extensive analysis and measurements, the teardown of this Mason has begun. Our goal on this Mason is to keep its tone and character, improve the structural integrity, and keep the piano affordable. We are confident we will achieve our goal. Seen below, we are measuring all the string lengths to verify the stringing scale …

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Do the Little Things Count?

Careful hand lettering

What makes a vintage piano great? In Toronto, some shops send the pianos to China for rebuilding, some to Poland, some to Mexico. Some do it in-house and assign fixed times for each job. Others send it out to small independent shops with a fixed price for the work. Often, we hear “Renner Parts” “Roslau …

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Tweaking a Knabe Grand

In the never ending quest for perfection, we always fall short. Every piano is a compromise. Yet, we never stop trying. With 500 hours logged on this piano, and praised by all who play it, we are striving for more perfection, more evenness, more tone, faster touch.

Mid Century Pianos

There are many, some would say too many, mid-century pianos out there. I remember them when they were new. A lot of them are high quality, but many of them suffered from post-war manufacturing degradation, ie: accountants took preference to engineers. At this time, there was still a lot of experienced piano builders around. These …

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Is this the best small grand piano ever made?

The Mason and Hamlin model B, the original one, not the newly designed one, is a great piano. Anyone would agree to that. The question is, is there a better small piano (this one is 5’4″) that has been made.   Personally, I don’t know of any. The closest may be the original Knabe 5’4″. …

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