Historic Vintage Erard Chamber Grand Piano

This piano was purchased by a retired music professor. It was imported from the US, and had to have the ivories removed. We have a set of ivories from a Petrof concert grand we shipped to the US and will install these on this Erard.

Erard was one of the greatest piano innovators and their influence on the modern piano can be argued to exceed Steinway.

All modern grand pianos use a variation of the Erard action, the first double escapement fast repetition action.

All modern pianos use cast iron plates for strength to allow greater string tension and volume (a few boutique makers, such as Ravenscroft, use laser cut and welded steel.) This too was an Erard innovation, using iron and brass bars to increase the strength and allow for higher tensions.

String termination on most pianos are through an agraffe, another Erard innovation.

The capo bar found on all grand pianos can be seen on the Erard to be adjustable with bolts, something that today Bosendorfer is famous for.

This stunning piano is parallel strung, meaning the bass strings run parallel to the treble strings. This results in a smaller and narrower cabinet, and to my eye, more proportionately beautiful.

Erards almost always came with impressive case work and craftsmanship. No plain shiny black lacquer.

Our goal on this restoration is to historically preserve the piano and avoid all modern parts and adhesives, but to also make it strong enough for daily use, a major undertaking.

Feel free to drop by and try this piano. It will be easy to see, as most pianos like this are museum pieces.