The Legendary German Made Ibach 6’1″ Grand Piano

German made Ibach pianos was the oldest continually family run piano builder in the world until 2007. They made some of the greatest pianos of all time. Always small production and uncompromising quality, right to the end. They never sold out by selling their name for cheaper Asian pianos, using parts and materials from around the world, making a cheaper line as every other manufacturer has had to do.


This piano was made in 1989 and was used for a few years until the owner passed away. It was kept for sentimental reasons and we have just acquired it for a good price. Priced the same as new Chinese pianos of this class, or 30 year old Yamaha pianos, this is a rare opportunity to own a tier 1 piano at tier 4 prices.

Reconditioned, regulated, voiced and guaranteed.