Original Vintage Steinway O

We just received one of the very first original vintage Steinway O grand piano. The 1st model O was made on July 30, 1900 and this model was made in October 1900. This is slightly different than the later 2 models of O.
This one has the duplex scale cast into the plate instead of the later adjustable ones. This required extra care and time to ensure that the bridges and the cast iron plate were perfect, or else they would not work. Later they switched to the movable duplex bars and eliminated this problem. This is the forst, and probably only one of a few, that used wound strings on the bottom of the tenor bridge. I have only ever seem them with regular wire. In the classic rebuilder’s book “A Guide To Restringing” by Johm W. Travis, this scale is not listed. Many rebuilders add the wound strings there to improve the scale. Amazingly, Steinway did too originally. This piano has the Steinway ‘Magic’ and has its original intact ivory keyboard.