Piano Services

We offer a variety of piano services within Israel

– piano repairs

– piano tuning

– piano refinishing

– piano restoration

– piano rebuilding

Please feel free to contact us to schedule one of our services, or if you have any questions about your piano.

piano services


Piano Assessments and Piano Appraisals

Piano assessments and piano appraissals are for you if youare purchasing a piano privately/ Also, if you require a piano valuation for insurance purposes, or would like an idea as to how much it would cost to have your piano restored or repaired we can arrange for a piano assessment or piano appraisal. A piano …

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Piano Tuning & Piano Maintenance

We provide tuning and maintenance for all types of pianos for clients throughout Toronto and the GTA. During your tuning session one of our Piano Technicians will complete a complimentary maintenance inspection of your piano. Other piano services we offer include cleaning/detailing, repairs, regulation and voicing. PIANO TUNING What is Tuning? There are more than …

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Piano Rebuilding & Piano Restoration

The wonderful thing about pianos is that no matter how old they are; they can be brought back to life through the piano rebuilding process. Piano restoration takes into account the historical significance of a piano and through this process we try to maintain the instruments original integrity. If you are interested in finding out …

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Piano Action Design Services

Piano Action Design Services

Piano Action Design Services Piano action design may be beneficial to clients who find that their arms are getting too tired, feel as though their piano is not capable of sufficient repetition, or are having difficulty with pianissimo or other action problems. Piano action design can be extensive. The action is assessed and geometry and …

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Piano Refinishing

Restoring a piano can also include piano refinishing.  A piano can be refinished to its original finish or can be refinished to match home decor or personal preference. Piano Cabinet Refinishing Process: Refinishing a piano cabinet is elaborate. To arrive at a flawless finish, the casework parts go through a multi-stage finishing process. 1. The …

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Piano Rentals

Not sure if you or your children will continue with lessons? Not wanting to invest in a piano? Only in Toronto for a short period of time? The best option for you may be to rent a piano with the option of purchasing. We also rent pianos for events and concerts! We rent upright and …

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Piano Purchase Advice

Organizations may not have the resources available to locate a piano that meets their needs. We have been commissioned to provide piano purchase advice by many organizations. We search for pianos that are suitable based on an individual’s or an organization’s specific requirements. Steve Jackson personally conducts the search using his extensive piano knowledge. He …

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