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Online Piano Assessment

Having an online piano assessment before purchase is the only way to ensure that you are buying what a seller claims to be selling.

If you have decided on a piano, pending inspection, and this is a higher end piano, we recommend scheduling an appointment for a personal visit.

However, for most people, the time and expense of this is prohibitive, especially if many pianos are to be inspected.

For this, we offer an online assessment.

Here’s how it works.

If you like a piano and its price, but are unsure of the condition, or need peace of mind, simply call us at 052-6161621 (best to schedule in advance.)

Preferably, you have at least a camera phone.

We will walk you through basic things to look for and ask you to play some notes. We will then ask you to play every note in the piano, black and white ones in sequence.

If it passes these test, we will request texting us  pictures which we will describe, we will interactively advise you what to show us.

After this, we can have a discussion, usually about your needs and expectations, and then we can determine if the piano is worth pursuing.

Total cost for this service is nis 100.00 + tax.

In some cases, the piano will need to be inspected by a rebuilder. In this case, the $35.00 will be applied to the inspection cost, currently nis 280.00 for visual inspection, and nis 450.00 for a full written assessment.