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Piano Rebuilding & Piano Restoration

The wonderful thing about pianos is that no matter how old they are; they can be brought back to life through the piano rebuilding process.

Piano restoration takes into account the historical significance of a piano and through this process we try to maintain the instruments original integrity.

If you are interested in finding out the condition of your piano and what the cost of piano rebuilding/ piano restoration will be, please contact us to arrange for a Piano Assessment.

Click here to see a rebuilt Chickering Grand  “Before and After Pictures.”

The Rebuilding Process:

Each piano is unique in terms of what repairs will be necessary. Generally speaking an older piano will require some type of work on its soundboard/belly, action and cabinet.


Repairs may include:

  • Soundboard replacement or shimming the soundboard cracks
  • Replacing the pinblock
  • Bridge repairs
  • Restringing and new tuning pins
  • Damper work


Repairs may include:

  • Hammer replacement
  • Replace or clean keytops
  • Replace felts
  • Replace key bushings
  • Replace or refurbish wippens


Repairs may include:

  • Repair music desk, legs etc.
  • Repair loose or missing veneer
  • Strip and refinish the exterior
  • Buff hardware, replace felts and buttons

Should I Rebuild My Piano?

Many older pianos were manufactured by skilled craftsmen using superior quality wood and other materials. Select older pianos are worth rebuilding as they tend to be better instruments than many that are manufactured today. When our technicians rebuild a piano we pay special attention to details that a factory worker may not. We take care and persistence to customize the piano to meet our clients needs.