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Piano Refinishing

Restoring a piano can also include piano refinishing.  A piano can be refinished to its original finish or can be refinished to match home decor or personal preference.

Refinishing Before and After

Piano Cabinet Refinishing Process:

Refinishing a piano cabinet is elaborate. To arrive at a flawless finish, the casework parts go through a multi-stage finishing process.

1. The case parts are disassembled and removed.
2. Layers of special refinishing paper are taped to the piano.
3. The finish remover is applied to remove all of the old finish.
4. The old finish is removed from the case and parts.
5. The case and parts are rubbed down to ensure that any remaining remover and old finish is removed.
6. The cabinet is sanded and veneered and any necessary wood repairs are completed.
7. The pores of the wood are filled with pore filler.
8. The cabinet is sanded- closing all of the wood’s pores.
9. The wood stain is applied.
10. The stain is allowed to set until the desired colour is achieved. It is than lightly grained in, then wiped completely dry.
11. Coats of sanding sealer are applied. Once cured the cabinet is sanded.
12. Clear lacquer is applied over the cured sealer.
13. Once the clear lacquer has cured the cabinet and parts are wet sanded and rubbed with different rubbing compounds to achieve the desired finish.
14. The piano is reassembled and VOILA! you have a beautifully refinished piano.