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Piano Purchase Advice

Steinway & Sons Concert Grand

Organizations may not have the resources available to locate a piano that meets their needs. We have been commissioned to provide piano purchase advice by many organizations. We search for pianos that are suitable based on an individual’s or an organization’s specific requirements.

Steve Jackson personally conducts the search using his extensive piano knowledge. He has many contacts within the industry. He is therefore able to negotiate the best price, sometimes saving organizations over $50,000.00.

Not all pianos are the same. We recently examined a piano that was selling for $250,000.00. The soundboard was defective. A pianist would not have been able to detect this flaw and had our client purchased the piano without our advice, they would have certainly had issues with the piano.

Please contact us to schedule  a consultation so that we can ascertain your needs and locate a piano that will work best for your organization.