Pianos for Musicians


Pianos for a musician is often a problem. In the piano business, it is well known that those who can play, can’t pay. Yet, they require better instruments than most. Many of the beautiful vintage pianos are now at an age where they need a full re manufacturing. This is very costly to do right. We have a selection of these pianos. However, most pianists who need these cannot afford them.

We offer a solution. Some of these vintage pianos do not need a new soundboard or bridges, and the actions still can be mostly used. Although when done, they play as well as the fully restored instruments, they cost half as much, or even less in many cases.  Some of the things we do to control the costs without effecting quality are:

We clean and polish the cast iron plate. They look like new but save a lot of labour.

Soundboards are restored, but careful and meticulous shimming of the cracks are avoided. These serve only a cosmetic purpose and do not affect the tone or sustain. Proper shimming is very labour intensive.

We restore most of the action with new cloths, felts and leathers and replace the high impact and friction wearing parts. Although the labour costs exceed the new parts cost, the very labour intensive rebalancing and setup of the action with new parts are avoided, as we can reuse the factory setup.

These, and a few other decisions, save about 150 hours of labour, and the resulting piano is at 100% potential.

Currently, we have in this category: A Heintzman upright, a Mason and Hamlin grand, a Chickering concert grand, and a small Mason and Risch grand. These range in price from the cost of a used Chinese upright to the cost of a median sized Korean grand piano.