Rare 6’2″ Rosewood Heintzman Grand

I believe this rare rosewood Heintzman grand piano was a special order. I have never seen or heard of another Heintzman like this. Many Heintzman grands mirrored their Steinway equivalents, with Heintzman modifications. Steinway made 3 models of the model A. An 85 note 6′ piano with 3 bridges, the A II 88 note 6’2″ model with 2 bridges which is in current production, and the A III 6’4″ model. The 6’2″ Heintzmans I have seen have all been similar to the A II. This one, however seems to be based on the A I. However, it is longer and has 88 notes and was made decades after the Steinway A I was discontinued. Unfortunately, this piano was poorly rebuilt and the soundboard is beyond repair. We will need to craft a new replacement of this board and re-engineer the action. We expect this to take 6 months at least.